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Berkeley is one of America's most vibrant cities. Residents love its eclectic nature while tourists are attracted to the unique shops and restaurants on Telegraph Avenue. From the lively UC-Berkeley campus to Tilden Park and the Arts District, there is something for everyone in Berkeley.

Unfortunately, tourists — and even some city residents — do not always drive as carefully as they should on Berkeley streets. The Office of Traffic Safety reports that Berkeley has a higher rate of traffic accident injuries and fatalities than other California cities of comparable size.

Berkeley Car, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Motorcycle Accidents

About 15% of Berkeley residents walk to work. Another 10% commute by bicycle. Perhaps it isn't surprising that Berkeley has the highest rate of bicycle and pedestrian accidents of 58 California cities of comparable size.

Pedestrians and bicyclists suffer more serious injuries than car occupants in a low-speed traffic crash. Motorcyclists also suffer serious injuries despite the protection offered by helmets. At even slightly higher speeds, a crash can cause car occupants to suffer knee and back injuries, joint damage, whiplash, and a variety of other injuries.

Representing Injury and Wrongful Death Victims in Berkeley

Victims of accident injuries often face crushing medical debt. When injuries impair the ability to work, Berkeley accident victims risk the loss of their homes and savings. Winning compensation for injuries that are caused by another person's negligence is often the only way an injury victim can avoid financial ruin.

Attorney Rehm can help injury victims recover their lives. Accident compensation pays medical bills, reimburses lost wages, and covers the expense of coping with a disability.

Compensation for pain and suffering can be the largest component of settlements and/or judgments for clients. Money does not relieve pain, but it does offset suffering by making it possible for accident victims to enjoy their lives in other ways.

When accident victims die, Berkeley Wrongful Death Attorney Michael Rehm can help family members obtain the compensation that the accident victim would want them to have. We help families understand who can participate in wrongful death claims and how settlements should be distributed.


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