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Every year, the Berkeley Police Department Fatal Accident Investigation Team is tasked with investigating collision deaths. Pedestrians, bicycle riders, and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable in a crash, but truck collisions and high-speed crashes also take the lives of vehicle occupants in Berkeley.

Berkeley has more hit-and-run collisions than most California cities of its size. When a death is caused by a hit-and-run driver, a claim can be made against the victim's uninsured motorist coverage. Even if the victim was a pedestrian or bicyclist, uninsured motorist coverage applies for the death if the victim was insured under the policy.

Representing Berkeley Victims of Wrongful Death

http://http://Wrongful Death Attorney Michael Rehm  helps surviving family members when a victim is killed by another person's negligence. In California, wrongful death claims can be brought by the victim's spouse, domestic partner, and children. The children of a deceased child can also bring the claim.

If the deceased had no children, the claim can be brought by relatives who would inherit if the deceased had died without a will. If they were dependent on the victim at the time of death, the victim's parents and stepchildren can potentially bring a wrongful death claim.

Other people, such as unrelated minors who depended on the victim for financial support, may also be entitled to participate in the claim. Wrongful Death Attorney Michael Rehmcan help family members determine who should participate in the claim.

Compensation for Berkeley Victims of Wrongful Death

In California, wrongful death compensation assures that families of victims are compensated for their losses. Economic losses include the income and gifts the victim would have contributed to family members. Economic losses also include the value of services the victim would have provided, such as washing dishes, moving the lawn, or deciding how to invest the family's savings.

Non-economic losses include the irreplaceable love, affection, comfort, guidance, and protection that the victim would have provided to family members. Attorney Michael Rehm can help families understand how those losses are calculated.


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